Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going GOTH?

Ugh my oldest baby girl dyed her hair last night. I had noticed the box of hair dye but didn't really pay attention. She usually does some shade of brown with maybe a little red in it. She came out last night with BLACK hair.

Like really BLACK.

I looked at her in horror without actually trying to let her know I was horrified. I could tell she wasn't too happy about how it came out. Apparently she bought "light black".

It's not "light".

By this morning she was trying to tell herself me it was ok.

"it will fade soon"
"it's only hair"

Just as long as she doesn't start wearing black lip stick and pale make up it's ok.

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Ameena said...

I dyed my hair so many times when I was younger - I think I drove my mom insane. And now that I HAVE to dye my hair, I am absolutely bitter!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Just be happy she didn't accidentally dye her hair pumpkin orange.

The day before the 1st day of my senior year of HS I decided to try out Herbal Essences hair dye. I bought one that was brown with a tint of red in it, which is the same color I was using with another brand. I'd never had anything bad happen when dyeing my hair so I didn't bother to do a strand test.

Half an hour later my hair was PUMPKIN ORANGE. My mom had to run out and bye a box of dark brown and after two more tries it was still a very dark red. Better than orange though, ugh.

Anonymous said...

so where's the pic???

My friend dyed her hair black in my bathtub in college once (she did NOT live in my apartment!) and the tub was purple. My roomies freaked. It was Michelle, the one that got kicked off FFSI you might remember her lol


Sara Strand said...

Oh- black is actually kind of nice. :) I wish I had the balls to do black but I don't. Dark brown/red is probably as dark as I'll ever go!

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