Friday, November 19, 2010


Jessica is going to Girl's Treat on Saturday night. This is her first formal dance and I'm totally blown away by how much money everything is costing. Things sure have changed since I was in high school when most of the money you spent went towards your dress and if it was over $100 you were really spending a lot!

Bid: $70 (could be slightly off on this since she paid for it herself)
Group Limo: $125 (for their portion)
Dress: borrowed (Thank God!)
Shoes: borrowed (see above)
Strapless bra: gave up trying to buy a new one, cheapest one we saw was $30, she has one that will work good enough
Necklace and Earrings: $40 but will be more since she lost one earring before we even got home
Dinner: not sure how much but it's somewhere kind of swanky so I'm guessing at least $50-$60
Flowers: $60 (his mom paid for them, super nice of her)
Nails: My niece/sil is taking her to get them done tomorrow morning
Eyebrows: $15
Hair: friend is supposed to help her with it and she feels "ghetto" because other people are going to the salon
Headband: $8 (cute little bow thing)
Pictures at the dance: $20

I'm sure I'm leaving something out but OMG! And the stickler is that this isn't even a boyfriend she's going with. I hope she has a hell of a good time.Pin It


DustieBottoms said...

Hi from a fellow SITSta and Central Californian!

Sarah said...

The fact it is a friend she will prob. have a way better time. I know it cost an arm and leg and I paid for it. I just I saved all my money from when I worked before..WOW..Ha. Hind sight right??

Chris H said...

Hell's bells that a lot for a night out!

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