Monday, May 2, 2011

Santa Cruz Family Day

For anyone that saw my rant, thanks for commenting. Some things are bad but not everything and I'm sure I hyper analyze anything that has to do with my kids. I know I'm super sensitive to things sometimes and maybe blow them out of proportion. Or not. But anyhow, it felt great to get it off my chest but I felt bad later and deleted my post.

Having some whiskey and coke that night might have had something to do with that. Oh and while I was at the bar someone called me "stuck up"!! I'm still a bit butt hurt from that. I guess she thought I was snubbing or ignoring her when she had said hi to me. I'm pretty sure it was more of me thinking she wasn't really talking to me. I think we got it all straightened out. We're friends on Facebook now so it must be so...

Moving on.

Sunday! We went to Santa Cruz!! Jess wanted to go to the beach for her birthday so we decided to go to Santa Cruz and play on the boardwalk and on the beach. Can I just say, that my boy, who you all know, is my baby, is not a baby anymore.


He can go on ALL the rides. Even the scary ones. The ones that make you want to puke your guts out. Yep, all of them. So that must mean that he's not a baby anymore right? he started with this smallish coaster. (Sitting next to Scott in 2nd car)

(click any smaller pictures to see them bigger)

Then did this little thing.

After that he jumped right in and did the big rides.

He went on this crazy thing several times. It goes up and bounces around sideways and up and down. He looks slightly freaked out but that was the beginning of the first time. He came off begging to "do it again!".

I thought they had got rid of this big barf basket wheel thing. It spins around in a circle really really fast and slowly tilts up. The girls are on it here in the top middle area.

And then later Trevor went on it with Melissa

This thing is like the tea cups only it tilts out

 Finally got all 3 on a ride together.

And again here, they thought this ride was boring.

After spending the day on the rides we finally made it down to the beach for a bit. They had great fun playing in the water and all ended up soaked.

Figured I should get a picture with me in it.

When we got home we had toilet paper all over the yard and house. Apparently Jessica and her slumber party TP'd the neighbor boys house so this was the payback. Too funny!

There was a lot more but Jess had already started cleaning it up (cursing under her breath is sounded like!) All in all it was a really fun day. The kids can't wait to go back. Too bad it's 2 hours away.
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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I missed the rant!

I love that barf-y basket ride so much--I did it last summer.

Santa Cruz looks like a great family day.

Chris H said...

I missed the rant too... drat.

The rides look fun, I've been on the one where the kids are all in a row... I didn't like it!

The beach looks great, I'm glad you guys had fun there.

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