Monday, May 30, 2011

Ugly Dress Party!!

Saturday afternoon I met up with my sister in laws, my mom, and my sister in law's mom for an UGLY DRESS PARTY! This was all cooked up by my one sister in law last time we went out. The idea was that we would all wear ugly dresses and go out to lunch and have the waitress judge which one was the worst  and that person would get their lunch bought by everyone else.

So I hit the thrift stores and came home with this dress. Which is pretty awesomely ugly. The shoulder pads were HUGE in it. I felt like I was wearing a big pillow case.

BUT look at my mom's haha.

UM yeah, no contest, she totally won!! My preggo sil didn't even wear an ugly dress. She was too embarrassed to go out in public looking ugly. My other sil's was actually cute on her since she has a really cute shape, and her mom's was ugly but not hideously ugly lol. Here's the group shot.

So we piled in the car and went to a place aways away where we wouldn't know anyone. Not that it really mattered since the pictures were posted on Facebook. We went to this little place called Giustis. It's cool when you walk in with all the hats on the ceiling. We got seated and the menu was up on the wall on a white board type thing. The waitress was right from the beginning very abrupt and not friendly at all. Later we saw her chatting up the other tables and we were like, hmmm I wonder if it's the way we are dressed? I don't know but really there was no reason to be rude, we were perfectly nice people. The food wasn't the greatest but it's a neat little place and would be nice for a date night. It has some really good reviews online (and some not so great too) so it might just be hit and miss. The whole afternoon was pretty funny! I think it would be a blast to have another one but just stay at someone's house and invite lots of people and give out a prize or two for different categories!Pin It


Karyn said...

Oh Julie, I love your idea and the dresses! I think my mom may have even had one of them in the 70s :) You are too cute, and so is your family. I wonder if the waitress was "biased" because of your dresses...ya think? Gosh, I hope not.

Thanks for the pics, and I just have one more question..."What did ya order for lunch, girl? LOL, THAT is what this inquiring mind must ask.


Jennifer Owens said...

That seems like such a fun idea - I could totally get behind a party like that! (o: I don't understand people who can't get into dressing silly even if your'e going to be seen in public. It's all for fun and if you're with a crowd of other people who look ridiculous, then so what?! I might have to remember this idea for a future party idea. (o:

Anonymous said...

that's funny! what a great idea. Didn't your waitress know what you were doing since she was the judge!!! way to ruin your party huh??!!


Chris H said...

What a neat idea ... fun even!
I agree, your Mum wins. Congrats Mum!~

Jessica said...

OMG, I laughed out loud! What a fun idea! I have to agree though, your mom's dress was pretty darn ugly! LOL! At least no one pulled the dresses out of their own closets, right? I assure you I could probably find one just as ugly in my mom's wardrobe, no joke!! :)

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