Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating Our Anniversary In Gold Country

This has been the best weekend in such a long time! Scott and I saved Saturday for just us to go do something. We weren't quite sure what we wanted to do. We had talked a bit about going around Gold Country and looking at antiques. We also talked about going to Auburn to see if we could find this place that we ate at years ago that had the best burgers EVER.

So that's about what we did.

We drove up to Auburn and somehow found the burger place right away. We were pretty proud of ourselves. It turns out the place is called Brookside Grill. Unfortunetly their website link doesn't work on the Auburn food page here, but it has the info. I got the San Francisco burger. It was good but could have been cooked just a bit more for my liking. Scott got the mushroom swiss and he moaned and said it was just as good as he remembered.

After that we went and walked around the stores. Then we took Hwy 49, which is the road through all the old Gold Country towns. We drove through Coloma, which one of these days I really want to stop and check out. Then we ended up stopping in Placerville, which had a street fair of sorts going on. I don't think I've ever been to Placerville before, but they had a great variety of shops. I love going through all the antique stores. Although I didn't buy anything, I'm still thinking of some little green glass salt and pepper shakers I saw. We had missed the cook off they were having but there was still people playing live music. I think we spent a few hours there walking around. By the time we were done there we realized it was probably too late to hit any of the other towns to go through the shops. 

We continued down Hwy 49 and decided to go to one of the Indian casinos. Although the internet service on my phone kept going in and out I was able to find the Black Oak Casino and navigate us there with only a few turn arounds. We decided to just play $20 each, which maybe took us about an hour to lose on the penny machines. It was pretty crowded there. It was fun even though we lost. 

After that we went back up to Sonora and stopped at Round Table Pizza since Scott was jonesing for some pizza. When we walked inside we were greeted with some REALLY LOUD music. Then we realized it was live.

This guy was playing and singing his heart out. You can't really see but there's another guy behind the salad bar playing a bass guitar. The lady in the booth was with them and was singing along to herself. They really weren't that bad it was just REALLY LOUD. They were only there for about half an hour and then packed up.  

After that we drove home! It wasn't an EXCITING day but it was so nice and relaxing and we had a good time hanging out with each other. Not a bad way to celebrate 18 years of marriage if I do say so myself! Here's to one more year!
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Sara Strand said...

Yay! Matt and I took our anniversary trip this weekend to Michigan. We had a great time and I had never been to Michigan.. now I can say I've at least seen the U.P! ;)

Jennifer Owens said...

Awesome! Sounds like a great anniversary - and congrats on 18 years!! (o: Is your Anniversary on the 10th too like us?

Chris H said...

I say it was an excellent way to celebrate your wedding anniversary!
Good onya!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your anniversary!

sarah said...

LOL! I did a class on that drive for school. I think I even "borrowed" (copied) the tapes to listen to if I ventured out again. It was pretty interesting and followed along with all the drive, what you saw and all the historical stuff. The kids enjoyed it as well. Congrats on not killing each other..18 years..that is a long time!! :oP

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey it sounds like a great road trip to me!
Happy Anniversary!

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