Monday, June 20, 2011

Hospital Day

Last night I was thinking I would TRY and get up early and get to work early. I should have known better than to think that would actually happen. It wasn't all my fault though! The power went off sometime in the night so the alarm clock didn't go off. Never mind the fact that Scott woke me up before the time it would have went off anyways and I just rolled over, but yeah, that (lack of) power made me late.

I got to work at 8 and had to go straight to a meeting that I had totally forgot about. I tell you lately I've had to go to a meeting almost every day. What have I learned at these meetings? NOTHING. Such a huge waste of time. I sat in this meeting for TWO hours and heard the same things three times since people kept coming in late. THREE. You'd think they would have just let us "first timers" go.

I finally got to go back to my desk and attempt to work for a whole hour before leaving to go to the hospital. Which really means I worked for about ten minutes today. 

I got in the car and drove straight to the hospital and got there right after they took my father in law in for his surgery. FAIL! I was pretty sad about that. I went in and sat with my mother in law, sister in law and nephew for  hours while we waited for him to get out of surgery. My nephew finally had to leave so he could get to the city before all the traffic got bad. Eventually I gave in to going to the bathroom and guess who came out while I was in there? Yep, the Dr finally came out to give the news. And I missed most of it. Batting 100 today!

After that he was in recovery so we ran an errand for my mother in law real quick and got her the ice cream she was craving. We got back and waited some more and then hours later finally got the news that he was moved up to ICU. We went up and only had to wait a few minutes before they came and got us. By that time Scott had made it  there from work. I was surprised that they let all four of us go in together but they did. They sure have relaxed hospital rules from what they used to be when I was a kid. Remember when you had to be 14 or 16 to visit someone?

My father in law was actually kind of awake when we came in. I was pretty surprised that he cracked a joke before he started snoring. He woke back up a few times and would talk a bit then fall back asleep. I had went out for a bit since I felt like there was too many people in the room. My mother in law and sister in law left not too long after that and I went back in and sat with Scott. We sat there for quite awhile before making a trek to the cafeteria for some food for him and then went back up for awhile longer. 

I finally left to go home to the kids and he stayed for a bit. It's so surreal seeing your parents all old and broken, not knowing if they are going to live much longer. Very sad. I hope he can recover and be around longer. Scott's mom said she is down to 95 pounds. She's like a walking talking skeleton with clothes and skin. I'm surprised she made it so long today.
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tammy said...

Sorry to hear about your father in law, but hopefully he is on the road to recovery. My fil passed away a few years ago after a couple years of poor health. Now we're going down that path again with my mil. (my parents are still fairly young) It's not easy when you wake up one day and realize just how old your parents/parents in laws are.

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