Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comments To Live By

There's a young gal at work who sits in the back area with me (and a bunch of other people). We call the area "the cave" since it's basically a big storage area that they put cubicles and a bit work station in. No windows. It's very "cave like".

She's been working on trying to get a grant for some educational garden things. Today she proclaimed

"I'm so excited! I'm finally doing something to make a difference!" 

or something to that nature.

Then she went on to talk about how when she was in 5th grade she had a teacher who told her mom at at conference that she'd

"never live up to her full potential"

Obviously this has stuck with her for her whole life to this point. Always in the back of her head a teacher telling her that she'd never be anything, do anything, and wanting to prove her wrong.

She said she wished she could call up this teacher and tell her what she was doing.

Isn't it funny/sad how one sentence that someone says about you can make or break your way of thinking about yourself? I wonder if all these years she's just wanted to prove that beotch wrong! I'm guessing!

I once had a teacher that told my mom that if I could learn to apply myself I could be President some day.

That just makes me laugh!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This was gorgeous but the first photo of the brown mountains look like mounds of sand don't you think? Cool.

Jennifer Owens said...

It is those sentence that can be life-changing. They have the most impact on us. Did you know I absolutely love the mole under my left eye because when I was six my mom told me I had a "beauty mark" like Cindy Crawford. That positive comment still to this day is something that makes me feel good about myself

Our words have such a deep and lasting impact on others. And once they've been spoken and you try to live past them, it takes a lot of work and determination to believe the untrue things - I've been there!

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