Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's That Time of Year

 Sometimes I'm in denial about the change of seasons.
But nature makes sure that you pay attention

Almond trees on the way to work in March 2011 

Almond trees on the way to work August 2011.
They are so heavy the branches are pulled down and the trees are so droopy looking.

And on the way home in this field they are already harvesting them.
Can you believe that whole trailer is filled to the brim with almonds?
They have several more lined up behind them.

Have you ever seen how they harvest almonds?
It's quite a sight.
They have the strangest looking harvesting equipment.
When you see them going down the road you'd think we were being invaded by some kind of aliens.
They go up to the tree, grab ahold and shake the "L" out of them.
That's why the farmers call them
(They really do, all of them!)
Then later they have another piece of equipment they drive come and sweep them all up in rows.
That thing above the trailer is sucking them up and spitting them out into the trailer bed.

Are the seasons changing where you live?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

That is so cool. First of all I love facts like that and I love love love almonds!! I would love to live where there are nuts on the trees and citrus fruit on trees and while we're at it, why not olives too!

Yes seasons are changing. Allergies affect me more this time of year than spring. (rag weed etc)Some trees have some tips that are changing color. The humidity is a bit lower. But this scares me too because this usually isn't like this in August here. It's more like late September. Oh no is all I can think of for winter.

Sandra said...

Yes, the seasons do change where I live, but there is not such a sight as the AMON trees! I had never seen one before, and quite honestly, I'm not even sure I knew amons came from trees. This was very cool...and now I promise I won't write amons ever again....oh ok, maybe once more: AMONS!

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