Monday, July 27, 2015

4th of July Party

I've started trying to get more involved in our little community here lately. I'm working on the Entertainment Committee and I've been going to more of the community board meetings and I've also taken over the Facebook Page.

So working with a group of people on a party is a new thing for me. I'm kind of a loaner when it comes to party planning but doing a party for a community is WAY different.

The person who was in charge was a bit of procrastinator so the other people and I were in a bit of a panic that shit just wasn't going to get done. It all got worked out well enough in the end but the Club President has now appointed someone else to take over as the "leader".

A couple days before the party the maintenance crew came out and cleaned up the beach and there was a mini get together of people hanging out in the lake. That was fun.

Then the day before the party we came down and did some last minute planning and decorating.

Later that night we heard some music and saw some lights and this came by. This little boat belongs to one of my book club ladies husband. He got it from another neighbor and a bunch of people worked on it to make it all cute. That's the owners daughters in the boat, it was really cute. 

My friend Ginny who is also in my book club and an amazing artist remade these trophies for the boat parade prizes. How fun are they?!?

The day of the party I was so exhausted from all the pre-party prep I didn't get down to the party until about an hour before it started. Pretty much everything was set up at that point (bad me but I did do a lot before the party) so we just got ready for the boat parade. Scott decorated our paddle boat for us and Trevor and my nephew Tony & Adrian took my mom's out. I didn't take any pictures of my own when we were out on the water since I didn't want to ruin my phone.

It was a lot of fun and I hope next year we have more people bring boats out!

That's a lot of pictures for one post so I'm going to continue the rest of the party in a new post

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Chris H said...

OMGosh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that little boat! Oh dear, I can see Stew or Steve being begged to build me one!
Those trophies are adorable too, what a clever lady.

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