Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Date Night

Last Friday Scott and I went on a date night. It was about time because I almost forgot that I still liked him haha. The stress of working full time and everything else going on sometimes makes it difficult to connect with each other. We went to sushi and then while we were there we tried to find a movie that we wanted to see. The movie theater is in the same little shopping center as sushi so that works out great for date nights.

The sushi was good but the kids waiting on us were just bizarre. The one guy was like "oh you aren't ready for me to take your order? That's good because I'm not very good at it." uh ok. Whatever happened to TRAINING DAYS. The girl that was waiting on us wasn't much better. We go to this restaurant all the time and I'm always surprised at some of the crappy reviews they get on Yelp but then maybe they went on waiter novice night lol.

We finally settled on seeing the Sandra Bullock movie, Our Brand Is Crisis, since it was one of the only ones playing before 9 (I can never stay awake at later movies).

After we were done eating we had a little bit of time to kill so we walked down to JC Penny's to get Scott some new jeans. At his old job he just had to wear a uniform so no only having two pairs of jeans that kind of fit wasn't working out too well. He's an odd size so it's really hard to find jeans in his size "off the shelf" but we lucked out and found four pairs that worked. Then we went and stood in line.

There were four people working the registers. Two of them were doing returns (what ever happened to the return counter?) and the other two were dealing with "savvy shoppers", one of who had their whole order re-rung and then had their card declined. While we were waiting one of the return people were finally done and we started to step over and the guy says "sorry I'm off". Scott and I were both like "remember the days when they waited on the line and THEN they were off?" I know when I worked retail that was definitely the case. I would never have left a line like that. I wonder if they teach their employees to clock out "on the dot" or if they teach them "customer service 101". I'm guessing the cheaper one.

So after shitty customer service we walked back to the movies and got a jug of soda (which you can conveniently get yourself (one more person they don't have to pay for and/or teach customer service skills to). The movie was interesting but probably would have been better on Netflix.

We finished the night off with a night cap at our little bar. Yeah for date nights!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Ah, date nights are fun.
I had a date afternoon on Saturday and we had a ball.
Don't do this enough. Like you, we get all caught up in our 40-50 hr work week and responsibilities and forget each other.
I wanted to see that movie, guess I'll just wait til it's on HBO or something then.

Japolina said...

Date nights are always a good idea! I just blogged about bad customer service AND I just saw the Sandra Bullock movie. I thought she looked great as a blond and did not fall asleep so I put the movie in the plus column!

Annsterw said...

Glad you enjoyed a date night! Been missing catching up with you since you are still a blocked site at work -lol! What are you posting!?!? Ha! That movie is on my list to see when it comes to Redbox!

Chris H said...

Yaaa for ANOTHER date night, ya lucky tart.

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