Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

We got a nice surprise today, we got to get off 2 hours early! Tomorrow is Veteran's Day so this is to help celebrate or something. I don't know but I'll take it. I thought about going to do some shopping but remembered that Trevor got home early today (conference week) so I came home. When I got home he told me I was early and how he wished he had more time alone. Alrighty then. Gotta love kids.

Oh I also came home because my eye was bothering me. I slightly remember the dog scratching me in the eye some time last night. Now I'm hoping I'm not going to end up with pink eye. Mostly because I have some insurance but it's not the one I have a card for and I have no idea what it is. The stupid place has not sent any insurance cards yet. I'm sure I will get them in time for my other new insurance to take over.

So anyhow, last weekend was fun. We had Ava's 4th birthday party. I can't believe she's four already. The party was at a gymnastics place, which the kids LOVED. The little kids that is. My kids just sat in the audience with us and waited for it to be time to go to the party room for presents and cake. It's so weird to be taking little almost adults with you everywhere.

The party kids

Blowing out her cupcake. Was kind of weird how they did that towards the wall.

Trevor getting attacked by his adoring cousins

Emma and her Grandpa Howard

Me & Emma

Melissa & Emma, Emma had to eat the ice cream all on her own. She pushed my hand off when I was trying to help even lol

and presents time!

After the party we went by Home Depot to buy some drywall supplies to fix a whole in the living room wall that SOMEONE made when they threw their backpack against the wall. $35 later not counting paint...

Then later that night we went down to the clubhouse for the Chicken Dinner fundraiser the Car Show committee was putting on. 

I was kind of sad when I got my plate.

But it wasn't really all burnt, it was just the skin. The guy that cooks it does "Cajun style" but I think this was on the extreme end lol. The potato salad was really good though ;)  We hung out for a couple hours then came home since we'd had such a long day. 
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Suburban Correspondent said...

I had to laugh at that backpack story. Kids do such dumb things. My oldest daughter (years ago) once kicked a hole in her bedroom ceiling. Then she tried to pretend it hadn't happened. Good times...

Annsterw said...

That party looked amazing!!!! I hope the eye is okay!!!!

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