Monday, December 28, 2015

December Fur Babies

I'm working on catching up my picture files so I'll be posting here for all the stuff I've missed while I've been being lazy doing life haha.

From the fur babies file for December :)

The dogs are loving my 10,000 steps challenges. I end up going out at night mostly to get in whatever I didn't get for the day. Usually I just take them around the block and then take them home though because they are kind of annoying to walk haha

This is what I get when the food bowl is empty

This is how I watch TV in the recliner

This is how I watch TV on the couch

Scott found the dogs like this when he came home for lunch

And when I went to go to bed last night

Lucy helping me wrap presents

Jessica's dog had puppies!  She had four and then stalled so they had to take her into the vet. She had an emergency c-section. They lost one but the other two made it for six total healthy pups.

The two at the vet

I love getting the daily puppy pics :)


Snookie doesn't like the idea of being a reindeer

So funny how I find them

I had some carrots I was eating and he started to take off with one

Trevor put Snookie up there and they stayed like that

Ahh fur babies, love them :)

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Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos of all the fur babies. I hate to think what it cost for the C-section! I paid over $250 just for Tallulah to have an IV drip for an hour!
Are all the babies doing well? How's the mother dog doing after her surgery?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Loved the pix.
I also liked how you watch tv....layered in dogs. :-)

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