Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lost in Stories

Day 4 of walking 10,000 steps a day. We've been going out walking after dinner to "get the rest of the steps in". Since I sit in a cube for most of the day (except for those walks to the copier/printer over and over) I usually only get to about 5000 give or take 1000 by the time we've had dinner. I was just going to go by myself originally but then Scott wanted to go with me and then we took the dogs. Tonight we may have only took the dogs for a short walk around the block and brought them back to "trick them" haha so that we could go off by ourselves. That sounds all romantic like, but no. It was more of Scott walking his normal 6'6" pace while I did my 5'5" power walk to keep up with him. By the time we got back (and we didn't even go as far as yesterday) I was totally exhausted.

Well to be honest I was exhausted before we started. I made a pot of coffee to go with dinner so that I could stay awake awhile longer. This may have something to do with my early morning activity. Scott on the other hand was all excited when we got back at 7 and said "just in time to go to the gym". For the first time ever I opted out and said you go on ahead without me, and he actually went.

I just put away all the dinner left overs (and Trevor's dinner because he sacked out in the recliner at 5:30 and he's still asleep!) and washed up the rest of the dishes but now I'm kind of like "oh there you are coffee, thanks for working now". I'm sure as soon as I lay my head on the pillow thought that will go away.

So I've finally figured out how to listen to Podcasts! I know! I'm like so far behind the times! But hey, I finally made it and wow, I'm hooked! I've been doing some mundane stuff at work (scanning crap and then uploading it to a website) so I was listening to Serial.

This is basically like a "detective" story. This guy was arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend. He's been in jail 15 years but they go through the whole case and all the events. Interviews with people (a lot with the guy in jail) and it's all just so intriguing! Definitely helped make the day go by a lot faster at work. Since I just found it, I was able to listen to the whole season in a couple days. The new season just started though (new story) so I was only able to listen to the one episode so far.

Earlier this week I listed to This American Life (all the recent ones). These are basically like short (real) stories. My favorite one was about the bus driver that one day just decided to ditch his route and ended up in Florida.

Oh today on the way home I listed to one called Criminal. It was about a guy that robbed banks. There are definitely some crazy people out there!

I just asked one of my blogger friends for some recommendations on some more to listen to and she gave me some interesting ones. Now I just need to find that AUX cord for my car radio..Pin It

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Chris H said...

I haven't listened to any podcasts yet. I don't even know what I NEED to have to listen to freakin' podcasts! lol I'm glad you are enjoying them.

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