Sunday, September 29, 2019

Great Wolf Lodge

Way back at the end of June I went on a road trip/vacation with my 2 besties and the 3 boys that belong to one of them!

We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Anaheim. They are building a GW just down the road from me about 10 miles so it was kind of cool to go "check it out". I doubt I will EVER go to the local one unless I some day have grandkids and there is a really good special lol.

Here we are all bright in chipper before we spent over 6 hours in the car haha.

My friend likes to make everything a "surprise" so the boys had no idea where we were going. Towards the end we drove right by Disneyland I was like OH NO! They are going to think that is the surprise! But they didn't. Weird.  

We got ears when we signed in and everyone got a wristband.

My friend takes A LOT of pictures. These are not ALL of them :)

The "Lodge" has a camp type feel in the lobby and has some activities the kids can do. We went down for the "dance party" that only one out of 3 boys enjoyed haha.

The rest of the time was spent swimming which they LOVED.  The first day we got there we spent some time outside. The boys liked that until they got a taste of the inside and then no one wanted to go back out there.

INSIDE has a little kids area (boys were too big for that)

BIG water slides which I went on all of them I think. EVERY time on the raft ones I'd end up going backwards. 

Little Water slides

Lazy River

(don't drag your legs lol)

Wave Pool-I went in for a minute or two, would be more fun if you were holding onto a kid

Surfing which the boys LOVED

one other area where there were some basketball hoops
They had a food/Bar area, you weren't supposed to bring in your own food and drink into the water area but you could buy theirs. I bought their souvenir cup the 2nd day to save some money (although they did have free water). 

(Dunkin Donuts in the hotel lobby)

Nachos from the snack bar

Downstairs there was an arcade and more food. The boys got to go to the arcade on the last day and had a lot of fun.  I didn't play any games because you had to buy a card and then put money on it. I'm too cheap for that for ski ball. 

There was a little bakery area and a pizza place. We got pizza one night and took it up to our room.

We went out to dinner the other night. The food was a bit expensive but it's a resort. Nice if you just had little kids and didn't want to venture out.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

That looked like fun! I bet the kids were tired that night. :-)

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