Tuesday, June 16, 2020

More organizing

Good morning how are you guys all doing today? Tuesday, better than Monday but not as good as Friday.

Just a little bit of work to do today. Waiting for my boss to send me some emails to "load" stuff into the data system. Exciting.I need to go to the office one day this week to make some packets for new contracts. Requires me to print and do mail so can't really do that at home unless I want to waste all my ink on my cheap printer with not so cheap ink. Not going to happen.

Rusty was so funny yesterday, he was looking at my chair like he wanted to sit in it so I told him go ahead and he jumped up. Look at his face when he saw he could see out the window. Too funny! Right after Jess and Daniel drove up so he had a great time barking at them. He loves to bark. Drives us all crazy.

I've been trying to wrap up at least 10 pieces of fabric onto the comic boards every day. Which leads me to reorganizing. Always moving stuff around in here. The little white book shelf is all my books I have on Etsy. It used to be jammed packed but now there is some wiggle room. So I moved the stuff I had on top of the shelf into the empty space (thread) and cleaned up all these random papers I had put there. I found a check I hadn't even cashed go me.  Then I put all the mailing stuff I had on the 2nd shelf on the tall cabinet onto the top of the small white cabinet. Then I was like hey I should swap that with the stuff I have on the brown cabinet so that's what I did. So now I have another shelf for my mini bolts on the big cabinet. I need 2 more shelves on that I think. I wonder if I can just buy some at Home Depot?

The next shelf down on the big bookcase is a box of stuff that SOME is on eBay. That's a box I need to work on. Plus some trains I bought at Goodwill to resell but haven't actually listed them yet. Debated just putting them back in the donation bag. We'll see which wins lol.

In the white basket on top of the small book case are small pieces of fabric. Pretty sure I'm going to put those in the pattern cabinet I have, I think they will fit perfectly in the divided sections.

Mailing envelopes on top of the brown cabinet, messed up organization in the cabinet lol. I think I am just going to make this one all colors and put all the cute prints on the tall cabinet. That's the plan for now.

Eventual plan is no more boxes. I got rid of one more small one yesterday. I've been rotating fabric into the dresser drawers I have, then pulling from the drawers to wrap them up and then put on the bookcase or the basket with small pieces. A couple boxes are not fabric. Working on selling the box of stamp stuff I had on eBay.

This window is the main source of entertainment in the house lol. These three looking at something. What? I don't know. Bugs? They love bugs.

Didn't finish my little stack I was working on last night. Made myself go to bed. Of course I still didn't fall asleep forever because Scott went to bed before me and was sawing some major logs.

Should be able to finish those today. I have an order for three others to work on too.

The nurse is coming to see my mother in law today so I'll make a trip to town. Maybe I'll pick us up something for lunch.

Yesterday Scott went over there to pay some bills (man they get sooo worried about paying bills!) He was looking at his mom's bank statement and she has not been getting her social security for months. WTF. I'm assuming this is because his brother changed her bank (can't use Wells Fargo!! anymore!!) and either didn't notify SS or something fell through the cracks. That happened quite awhile ago so no idea how many checks she has missed. Awesome.


So I went to her house and the nurse came, apparently they are discharging her Friday. Probably got the full payment they could get from Medicare. 

While I was there we looked at her bank statements. She has been getting her payments, but some months it does not show up on the statement since it will be on the 3rd and the statement cut off is the 1st. So say for April she has 2 on the statement, one on March 3rd and one on April 1st. So weird. Also she has a savings and a checking so it will say 0 for monthly deposits but that is one of the accounts not the other. Totally confusing looking statement. At least it is all there. (also this is why I pay the bills in our house)

While I was there she slipped a couple times and was mean to my poor sister in law. I think she mostly keeps that in when I'm there. I was looking down but I was like you should be nice to her so she doesn't go in her room and not come back out. Jesus the woman is taking care of you and you yell at her because she asks you if you want to take your 2pm meds. Grouchy girl! Also told my sil to tell her not to yell at her. I'd never put up with that. Good grief.

I got In & Out for Trevor and I on the way home. Put some ketchup on my fries and then dumped them all over my lap. Woohoo that was awesome.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you have things pretty organized for so much stuff. Good for you.
and your poor MIL. How in the world does Scott get this straightened out? Calling a gov't office he will be on hold forever. Brace yourself this won't be pretty. :-) Start drinking now Julie.

Julie H said...

@Peg, I looked at her bank statements today, it is in there, he just wasn't looking in the right spot!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so glad you got this all straightened out. Isn't it fun when they get old AND mean? I'm sorry you all are going through this. Been there, done that. You need a spa day - meet you there! :-) Ah, if only.

Julie H said...

@Peg, I could really go for a massage lol

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