Friday, June 19, 2020

Woohoo Friday!

Well the septic tank got pumped out. It is confirmed we need new leach lines. I'm going to have to sell more masks haha. Lucky for us the pumping was free since we had a gift certificate we won at a club party last August! As soon as I saw a few of those in there I bought a lot of raffle tickets! Saved me $350 (for now). The guy gave us a number of someone to call. I gave Scott that tasks so I will probably have to call in a couple months.

I sold a bunch of masks yesterday. I'm going to need to get Scott to sew with me since none of the kids will (kidding..kind of). The Governor made it mandatory to wear masks now (finally sheesh) and I instantly sold almost all of the masks I had made up. I have a couple small orders to make up now too. 

Is anyone else amazed at how many people are like "no one can tell me to wear a mask!" Like you have to wear a shirt and shoes in the store, what's the big deal about a mask. 

My nephew has been practicing for baseball and one of the other kids mom's just tested positive. My mom is super concerned since my nephew has been over their house. Hopefully he didn't pass it around.

Here is the stats for today for my county, 88 more cases than yesterday. Also yesterday we can now get our nails done! Is this madness ever going to stop?


Anyhow, here are my 10 fabrics I wound up yesterday. I've actually been pulling a few back off the boards to use for masks. Maybe I won't even need anymore book cases to store my fabric and I will just use it all haha.

The girl in the other department is already driving me nuts at work today. She's so f*cking lazy. Instead of just calling the person with the questions she has she tries to get me to do it. Do your own job. Seven more hours til the weekend woohoo! 

Today Trevor is going to go pick up his year book in the drive through pick up station. He's supposed to bring his school ID which of course he can't find. It's been since March since he used it. He even cleaned his room. Hopefully he can get it with his Driver's license/off campus pass and or bus pass. I think that should cover who he is. Hopefully they aren't assholes about it.

Well have a good day!

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