Monday, April 10, 2023


Hello happy Monday! Late posting today since I've been in pattern sorting land all day. Cut/Uncut. Cheap or worth something

Easter was a fun day. We mostly sat outside and hung out and played with the kids. I washed and cleaned up the dishes after with the help of Daniel's grandma so the kids could relax after. 

Parking was down the street on the edge of the levee, hopefully the grass all dries out soon

Miss Rosie

Playing with Melissa

Jessica's Dog Moose found a turtle. Melissa took it for a walk down to the lake.

He played with these animals almost all day

Loved his new water table. TG Scott put it together, it had a ton of screws.

Trevor brought Simon over after a bit and the dogs had a great time playing. They were so muddy but had a great time. She had to get a bath when they got home.

Daniel came home with me for a little bit. He dumped out the toybox, found a little cat and then wanted to go back home. I guess he got what he came for haha.

I ended up staying up til like 1 am working on patterns. So many boxes! I think I am going to list the lower worth ones in some lots and see how that goes. I put some on the FB group for like $2 each but only got 2 claims so that's going slow. I mostly just trying to weed out the good from the junk at this point. 

Work was so dead today. All I did was look up some info that someone ignored the last time I told them. Still nothing about my interview yet.


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