Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!

I spent most of they day yesterday listing Vogue patterns on eBay. I have most of the uncut ones listed on there now. I sold 3 yesterday to the same person so that was fun. Look at the outfits!

This envelope is falling apart so I listed it a bit lower. 

I took Trevor to the dermatologist yesterday and we went by and picked up Scott to bring him back to the house. Look at this monster his brother parked in the driveway at his mom's. No use complaining about the lawn being too long when you park this in the yard. What a hunk of crap. Hopefully he doesn't leave it there too long.

I've been feeding my neighbor friend's cats this week. They are letting me pet them after only a couple days so that is fun. Here are 2 that like to be mostly inside (hers can be in or out so I just leave the door open for a bit and let them run around). No idea what their names are lol.

I had darts last night. I did a little better than last week which was horrible haha. I got a few bulls eyes and a low ton but didn't win any games. I hung out with my friend Dawn after for a bit.

No more plans for the week until Saturday when we have the car show and my craft booth! I like that I don't have to drive anywhere for this one lol. Just down the street.


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