Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brick Walkway Day 2


I started off my day with some toast (made myself) and then headed outside to work on my new walkway!

Here's today's progress

We started off the day but finishing our digging out. Unlike yesterday we no longer cared if there was any grass in with the dirt. We just threw it all in the wheelbarrow. We filled up a bunch of low spots in the yard and drive way area so now we have random dirty piles all over. I'm sure they will get worked in before long.

After we finished digging the area out we went on a field trip to Home Depot and got some wood to frame out the area, more weed screening fabric, stakes, gloves for Scott and a few other random things ($100 of course!).

Then we went through the drive through at McD's because I was starving.

Got home and left Scott working on the framing up and went to Mom Depot to borrow her tamper tool and a larger level.

I got back and Scott was taking a break again. It was really hot this weekend. It was like work 15 minutes rest 20.

We had a gopher that kept digging out in part of the walk way. Tabbie tried and tried to catch that gopher.

It wasn't long before he got all the framing done.

We put down the cloth

And then put down the gravel/road base.

Jessica decided to finally wake up at 1:30 in the afternoon and came out to help. She emptied most of the truck.

After that we got the gravel all spread out (mostly Scott, I supervised from the porch holding my Smirnoff with a wet towel on my head)

Jess tamped it all down and then we were done for the day.

We need to get sand so after Scott gets done with Jury Duty tomorrow (if he has time) he will go get a load of sand. Then we can start setting the bricks. Won't that be fun!

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Barb said...

WOW! That sounds like waaay too much work to me. I feel guilty cause I spent most of the day floating on my raft in the pool.

Mary~Momathon said...

ugh, that makes me sweat thinking about all that work! We have to do some yardwork too, I want my front "jungle" ripped out and put pavers in like you are doing. Now I'm thinking my jungle isn't so bad.

"Mom-depot" LOL

tammy said...

We use Mom Depot, too!LOL In fact, they just picked up their wheelbarrow that we used for our garden project. ;)

It's getting there! Keep up the good work.

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