Monday, May 18, 2009

Rude Neighbors, Puke and the Walkway!

What's up peeps?? I think I've lost all my followers/commenters. No one loves me anymore :(

That's ok. Really it is, this is more for me anyways. Even though I DO love comments!!

So Saturday night Trevor did the puking thing. Sunday he woke up bouncing all over and was fine. Apparently my nephew got it too. I just had to pick up Melissa from school since she threw up in the bathroom. I'm probably doomed too. I should probably go clean the toilet so it doesn't make me throw up even more when I'm leaning over it.

I dragged Scott outside Sunday to do the cut bricks for the wayway. It was going to be like 100 and something holy hell hot. He was all relaxing in the recliner watching tv and I was like HEH!! Let's get busy!! So he reluctantly went out and finished up the bricks. Don't feel too sorry for him I went out and sat under the umbrella and supervised to make sure he was doing it right and not messing up my hard work! It only took him a couple hours or so and then he was done.

He broke off the other 2 sides of the concrete box in the middle but apparently it required too much energy to cut the wood side. So that still needs to be done. He's bringing home a piece of steel to cover the whole up after he cuts the wood (I tried today and couldn't find anything sharp enough that wasn't going to take me all day). I bought 3 more pavers to cover up the hole and laid them where they are going to go to get them out of the middle of the yard. Not too shabby! Oh and I got some fine sand to fill the spaces (Scott did that). I think it might need to be done again.

(I'm watering right now that's why it's differnt colors)

After supervising I went and picked up Jessica from her friend's house and went to Costco to spend $200 on hardly any groceries. I had to buy meat and toilet paper and unfun things like that.

Came home and worked on my bookmarks for the rest of the night. Still have to put the names on them, will do that in a few.

Got out early today and mowed the yard. Got all the crap picked up out of the front, although I still need to move the stuff off the porch.

So while I was out mowing I saw the neighbor sideways across the street bopping around his yard and such. Last time I waved at him he didn't wave back so I'm kind of like whatever, guess he doesn't like me. Well the neighbor across from him comes out and he's all HEY WHAT'S UP!! And I'm like WTF am I freaking invisible? You could at least give me a shout out. I'm out here working just as hard or harder as you mo-fos!! At least the OTHER neighbor was nice enough to say hello to me and tell me how nice my walkway was. See who IS NOT getting some Christmas cookies THIS year. Fucker. Oh and next time someone comes to interview me about what you are like for some new fancy position at your work?? I'm totally telling them that you are a crazy psycho.

Take that.

See that's why you should wave at your neighbors.Pin It


Sarah said...

OMG..I am rolling hearing about your neighbor sega!! I think you should bring them the cookies with exlax!!!

Mary said...

::waves:: ::smiles:: ::waves again:: ::secretly fears being run over by the mom taxi full of puking kids::

honkeie said...

I do comment...whenever I can :-)
I live in a very crowded area so we have all kinds...the nastiest, the trahiess, the good ones and the down right shitty ones. I take the good with the bad and usually end up ignoring the assholes.

Julie H said...

The only thing is when you only have 5 houses on your "block" you kind of want to get along with your neighbors :)

~Sheila~ said...

I'm sorry!!
I'm trying to get around and comment as much as I can but you are so quick with the posting that I end up missing one of the 5 that you published on the same

I'm still here, too.

The walkway looks really nice!
I don't talk to my neighbors. I don't want people to know too much about me and the fact that I have to leave my kids alone for a little while so I can work.

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