Friday, May 15, 2009

Lunch Break

I bet you are all really getting tired of me posting about my walkway. You are probably like, shut up and get it done already!! BUT it's so exciting for me to get this done. We have lived here for almost 16 years so it will be really nice to finally have some curb appeal to our house.

That empty space there is where our main water shut off valve is. I had the great idea to use a brick paver to put over it and then just incorporate it into the walkway.

It's a bit high though.

I whacked the edge of the concrete box a bit with the sledge hammer and whadduknow I got one side down pretty good. Now do to the other 2. The third side is wood so that will get cut with the saw. Going to put a piece of wood or steel or whatever over the hole then put 4 pavers there and it should blend in ok.

Probably should have had someone come move the stupid thing but that would involve money.

Need to get back out there, it's supposed to be really hot this weekend so I'd like to get everything done but the bricks that will have to be cut.Pin It


Jenna said...

That's one of the things that I love about blogging - you can blog about whatever you want!! The walkway is looking awesome - great job!

Chris H said...

HA! Just don't forget where it is when you need to turn off the water!

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