Monday, May 4, 2009

Digging In The Dirt

Today was a very productive day! I started out the day by going with my Mom to Lowe's in Modesto and getting FLOWERS for her yard and some for mine too. She bought me the cutest bunny birdbath. I'll have to take a picture of it tomorrow. We came back and unloaded the stuff at my house and sat for a bit then went over to her house and planted the flowers she bought for there. That was a MAJOR accomplishment because my Mom has a very bad habit of buying flowers and then never planting them. I stayed there until it was time to pick up the kids from the bus.

I went down to the bus stop and all the kids got off the bus but mine. Yeah. So drove to the school and they didn't remember to ride the bus home today. By the time we got back to the house it was 3:30 and had to go pick up Melissa from GATE at 4. Puttered around a bit then went and picked her up. Came back for about a half an hour then went and picked up Jessica from her LAST softball practice. Her last game is Wednesday (and I'm going to miss it!).

Then we ran to the grocery store and spent $60 on kid food. 4 boxes of cereal, lunchables for their dinner (I know I know) and stuff for their lunches. Got home then took Tony over to his house and Trevor and Melissa rode their bikes over there. Trevor has totally learned to ride his bike with no training wheels in the last week. AWESOME but he's such a big boy now!

I'm really going to miss the kids being able to ride bikes over to my brother's house. His loan got approved for his new house and I'm sure he'll be moving this month. Sat and visited with him for a few minutes then came home and Scott was home so he bbq'd some burgers and I played out in the yard until it was too dark to see out there. Came in and did the dishes and put away a bunch of clothes.

The plan for tomorrow is for my Mom to come over and help me work on adding one more flower bed along the side of the house. I have a lunch date with my real Dad at 1 so we'll have to quit before then but maybe we'll get it done! I need to pick up some more Miracle Grow Soil and I'll need more plants to fill it up once we get done. I don't like to buy plants before I have a spot to put them, even though I DID do that today but if everything goes well they will be planted by tomorrow.

I need to figure out where to put my adorable bird bath too!Pin It

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Chris H said...

OOOO you must show us the new garden once it's done!

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