Thursday, May 7, 2009

San Francisco Field Trip

Yesterday I went with Melissa and "the band" on a field trip to San Francisco. We rode the bus over and went to the Symphony and to a museum.

The ride over went well, I actually talked to another mom that I haven't really ever talked to before. I've never bonded with any of the parents in Melissa's class so it was nice to have someone to chat with on the bus ride over.

(Picture from flickr)

We got there a bit early so the music teacher wanted to walk down to the library so everyone could stretch their legs a bit. Well first she tried to get all the people that had to go to the bathroom inside but the people in charge said we had to wait in line first and then he would take a few at a time in. Weird. So a few people stayed behind to do that and the rest of us went ahead and walked over to the library.

Picture from Wikimedia

Right before the library was a little park with a playground. The kids went in to play and then "light bulb" a few of us walked over to the library and went to the bathroom.

I got back and found Melissa and her friends being monkeys as usual.

Then we walked BACK to the Symphony Hall just in time to walk in. We got in and they started to seat us and then ::confusion::.

Someone saw the rest of our group up in a balcony and so we started to go up there to sit with them and then the people in charge got all catty about something. Didn't want us to sit there or something but the teacher just took everyone in anyways and we all sat down. That was weird.

While we were sitting there I thought the place smelled kind of musty. Mildewy. I'm pretty sure though, after thinking about it for a bit, it was the girl next to me. She must have had her clothes sitting in the washer for way too long. ICK it was gross.

The Symphony itself was nice. They had a 15 year old cello player. Boy could he play. The rest of the time I fought to keep my eyes open. Nothing like playing lullaby music to a sleepy mommy!

Afterwards we got back on the bus and then took a bus ride across town to a "park" at the base of the museum.

This park was overgrown with weeds and a bit dirty. I ate my lunch sitting on a platform of the playground equipment trying to dodge all the sand. The kids played a bit then we had to walk up this HUGE hill for about twenty minutes to get to the museum. Here's Melissa getting the sand out of her shoes, guess I should have had her pose cute or something but I was pretty tired after the hike up the hill!

We went to the Legion of Honor Museum. The teacher had got us tickets to see the Tiffany and Faberge Egg exhibit.

Picture from San Francisco Sentinel

Did I tell you these kids are all in 4th-8th grade? Mostly in 4th. Yeah.

So they weren't all that excited about the exhibits. Although I think they saw enough naked men statues to scar their young brains.

Picture from Nextstop

I was kind of wishing I had the headphone tour myself. That and no bored little kids hanging around. Maybe some day I'll back and check it out sans little kids.

Lucky for us the bus met us right outside so we didn't have to walk back DOWN the hill to go home. We boarded the bus and I was asleep before we hit the Bay Bridge and woke up when we were in the Altamont Hills (that's about an hour!).

Note: do not fall asleep leaning over on a bus with your head pushed into the seat in front of you. It REALLY messes up your neck!

We got home and picked up Trevor. Scott and Jess brought home pizza after her last game and then I went outside and worked in the yard a bit.

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~Sheila~ said...


You still went and worked out in the yard??
That whole trip would have been reason enough for me to crawl in bed for the rest of the day. That nap on the bus ride would have made me one angry B!TCH just for teasing me.

Glad you liked the tour though, kids never like that stuff right now.

Marshmallow Circus said...

just found your blog...

At first it took me a minute to figure out you did not post a pic of the girl you suspected was wearing wet laundry. lol

Mary~Momathon said...

Ewww, mildew girl.

Erin said...

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Thanks! :)

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