Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been slowly working on getting the front yard "garden" going.
The dirt on the right that is smooth has been weeded of all grass/weeds.
(also the corner on the left where I planted the hibiscus.)

Today I took out the alyssum and the cosmos I had around the tree so I could plant these new plants I bought. The Siskiyou I bought yesterday and today looked HORRIBLE so I figured I should get it in the ground ASAP even if I have to move it later. When I took it out of the little pot it was totally root bound with hardly any soil. I guess I should pay more attention to that when I buy plants from now on. I'm pretty sure I will move these plants around if they make it and get bigger since they are all should be good size plants at maturity (if I don't kill them first).
Here's a closer pic of the Daisies I planted the other day
(need to find the name of those red things)
Closer look at big pink bushes
They also looked horrible today.
I gave them a ton of water so hopefully they will perk up.
I moved the alyssum and cosmos to the end of this bed for now.
The cosmos are all about done I think, they are pretty tired looking.

The Hibiscus is looking good on day 2

What do you learn when you sit outside in the dirt for a month?
A little bit about all the neighbors!

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~Sheila~ said...

Man, you do so much!
You sure are making me look lazy!!!

It looks beautiful.
The poor flowers would have wilted and died on MY watch.

Anonymous said...

I think those little flowers maroon/yellow are Coleus. Looks great!


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