Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New flowers!

This morning my Mom called and invited me to go out to breakfast with her and my Dad. We piled in their little pick up and went to Ihop.

Ummm Yummy.

Then we went over to Home Depot and I bought these pretty plants!

They are called Spiraea B Goldflame Anthony Waterer. (Hmm this looks like it here, thinking it's not so much the "goldflame")Not much info on them other than Deciduos shrub to 3' w/pink spring/summer bloom. Distinctive yellow/green foliage. Prune to shape/repeat bloom. Full sun. Hardy to -38F.

I bought the Shasta Daisies last week and got those little flowers today. Hope they don't fry out there it might be too hot for them there.

I also go these 2 Hibiscus bushes. Think we'll put the big pink one in the corner closest to the road and driveway. Not sure where I'm going to put the purple one yet but it was so pretty!

I started working on cleaning the kitchen. I need to clean one room a day at least for bookclub on Sunday. I was wiping down the cabinets and such. So gross! 2 more walls and the floor to go.

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Sarah said...

LOVE the flowers....especially the pink ones!!!!!

~Sheila~ said...

The flowers are beautiful. They would surely die on my property.
That's an awful lot of cleaning. I plan on putting my kids to work around the house this summer.

Nick James said...

Plant away! Good to read from you again!! Happy plantings!

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