Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Walkway Excitement

Well today I was just going to work on bookmarks. Instead my Mom came over and wanted me to go to town with her. So of course that took up the whole morning, but she bought me lunch so it was all good!

On the way home we stopped by the landscape place and I found out they deliver for a mere $15. So I got a yard of sand. I got home thinking I'd put out the roll of weed fabric stuff real quick. I look all over and realize Scott never took it out of his truck. Nice.

So then I did a zoom zoom trip to Home Depot, praying the stuff would get here closer to 2 than 1. I got home and had enough time to spread the stuff out before the truck got here.

Oh here's all the bricks I moved yesterday too!

Sat down for about 5 minutes and then the truck was here

This was so worth the $15 delivery fee, no shoveling it out of the truck!

When the truck was just about done my cousin drove by and I ended up chatting with him for about 2 hours! He left when I had to go get the kids from the bus stop.

They were happy to see sand! I got this picture through the front door window, she didn't see me taking it lol. 15 year old playing in the sand. This was before she started fighting with her baby brother. I swear they fight more than any other combo of my kids!

Then I came in and worked on bookmarks until The Biggest Loser came on. I was hoping Tara would win but wow Helen did AWESOME! So inspiring! And Mike, wow he lost over 200 pounds, they all did a great job.

I got about 10 loads of laundry folded, hung up and put away while I watched the show. Took me almost the whole 2 hours to do it. On the upside the laundry is about caught up. I need to try harder to keep it that way!

Tomorrows plan is to finish my bookmarks and work on getting the sand evened out. I'm hoping my cousin comes through with the big tamper thing he said his friend has. I told him to bring it over tomorrow. I should have negotiated exactly how much beer I would give him if he brought it, then maybe he'd be more likely to actually bring it over.

&&&&& crossing fingers &&&&&Pin It

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