Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look what we got today!

The rock for the walkways. It's a little lighter than I thought it was when we were at the landscape place. It's nice and pretty when it's wet though lol. Maybe I can just go out and spray it with the hose anytime someone is going to come over? Or maybe I'll just get used to it. Now we need to finish clearing out the front section there so we can put it all across. Funny how one thing leads to another.

See that picture up there of my husband spreading the rock around? He did that section then moved the truck to the front. He was complaining about his knee hurting and then he was looking for the broom. Next thing I knew he was in the house asleep?? WTH??

So I climbed in the back of the truck and finished unloading all the rock (this is after spending my morning scrubbing the grout clean in the entry way AND cleaning the little kids hell hole of a bedroom) silently cussing him out in my head for always having SOME kind of problem when I'm trying to get shit done. I started kind of flinging the shit after awhile (working out all that aggression?) and that's why it's kind of all over in the picture here.

Cleaning rock out of all the little grooves in our bed liner is NOT fun. I thought that was the whole point of him putting a tarp down but he took it out before all the rock? Not quite sure on the thinking there. Took me probably a good half an hour to get it all out.

When I was done I opened the door and yelled at him to come move the truck (it was partially in the road and the tailgate was off and leaning against it or I would have moved it myself). He stumbled out as I was putting my heart stones in and of course had to offer advice. I was like "you weren't out here to tell me how to do things". UGH so freaking annoyed.

So after that was done we cleaned off the front porch and then came in the house where Scott and Trevor watched TV and I started cleaning the bathroom. They both fell asleep while I listened to the show they were watching "how things are made" over and over again all the while cursing under my breath as I cleaned every one's piss off the grout behind the toilet. (SERIOUSLY?? It's a big fucking hole how hard is it to get it in there???)

When I was done cleaning the bathroom I left a note that I was going to the store. Went and picked up my mom and we went out to Mexican food and had a margarita. YEEE HAW. She drank less than half of hers and I was so tempted to drink the rest. But she's been sick and I so don't want to take the chance of getting something I haven't had.

Then we went to the store and I spent $50 on shit for book club tomorrow. A bunch of them drink wine. Me? No wine drinking. How do you pick a bottle? By the label? I know if it cost more it should taste better right? The bottle I bought cost like $5 so it probably tastes like shit but I guess they will either drink it or not. If not I will drink it with some Sprite or something lol.

Well my pillow is calling me. I need to clean my room tomorrow and pick up after everyone one more time (hopefully it's only one more time). Should have told the fam that book club was at 10 so they would leave early and I'd have a few hours of quiet before the fun.Pin It


Barb said...

I've always wanted to join a book club but have never had the opportunity. Hey, It'd be an excuse to clean my house really well... something I desperately need to do!

Sarah said...

Your yard is looking awesome. I guess it shows that if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. Have fun at book club today!!!

Susie said...

Julie your yard is looking great! And I can so related to cursing under your breath when doing something without help! Hope you have fun at book club!

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