Monday, May 11, 2009

I Survived Another Field Trip

This time it was to the Oakland Zoo with Trevor's class. Originally my Mom was going to go with us. But I had thought the field trip was on Wednesday then found out Friday that it was on Monday (today). My Dad had taken the day off to work around the house so my Mom didn't feel like she should go. So I had to go alone :(

BUT we had a good time. I only had Trevor and Tony in my group. Trying to keep up with 2 six year olds running up and down hills in Oakland is a little difficult though! I told them several times to stop running because I didn't bring band aids! I could just see them sliding down the hills. Lucky for them and me we had no catasrophies.

I am amazed at how easily my boys talk to strangers. They saw a zoo keeper feeding some animals and followed her around a bit asking her questions. Then they made friends with a woman in the gift shop and just chatted her up like crazy. We saw her several more times and they just talked their little hearts out. Crazy kids!

I think that is the last field trip unless they spring another one on us but I haven't heard of any coming up. I'm definitly glad I took my own car this time!

After I got home I did some dishes, a load of laundry, watered the yard then made dinner and sat on the porch looking at the yard and my planning book. I've decided that we need to just put all the edging in so the yard is all defined and then I can work on a section at a time.

Then I decided it was a good time to work on moving some bricks from back behind the garage to the front porch. Yesterday I did a few and it was hotter than a fire cracker back there. Tonight it was all shady and pretty cool out so perfect time. I did about 6 loads of bricks in the wheel barrel before I ran out of sunlight. Scott got home just in time to push the wheel barrel the last time.

I think I moved about 200 bricks. Crazy! Saw lots of black widows. I got smart and got a little whisk broom to brush off the bricks as I worked to prevent getting bit by any spiders. Plus I wore work gloves. So far so good. Those bricks have been sitting back there for years. My Mom got them from a friend of hers. They are .50 each at Home Depot and we probably have about 500 of them. Hopefully we won't have to buy any and we will have enough for our little project.Pin It


Barb said...

I've got two field trips coming up next week. One is to Disney's Epcot with the elementary school chorus for Julianne on Monday and then on Wednesday it's back to Disney ~ Animal Kingdom this time with Nate's 6th grade class. My older (29 y/o) daughter will be meeting me there for this one for which I'm grateful cause I'll probably have 4 or 5 boys.

Mary~Momathon said...

A week after surgery? The zoo, housework and moving bricks? ADHD? Ya think?


Frenchell said...

sounds like you had a very eventful time. maybe too eventful:>

Chris H said...

Black Widow spiders? EEEkkkk that would stop me in an instant! Well done for carrying on!

~Sheila~ said...

How are you feeling after your surgery? You are always on the go around and away from the house.
Take it easy once in awhile.

Field trips are fun with the kids but only when they are younger.

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