Saturday, May 16, 2009

The only thing worse than

The only thing worse than it being 104 out today is that around 6:00 PM Trevor started throwing up. He's been pretty much throwing up since, although I don't think he has much left.

Now he's laying on my side of the bed on my nice clean pillow.


Poor kid, I hope he is done being sick and feels better soon.

I spent all day today in the house, other than watering outside and going back and forth to the garage to do the laundry. My house is cleaned up quite a bit.

I played a few games of literati on yahoo games and that's about it.

Thank God for air conditioning!Pin It


Mariah said...

Oy--NOTHING worse then throwing up in 104 degree heat.

honkeie said...

104.....were do u live again?

Julie H said...

Central California in the valley

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