Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's in my head

I have two stalkers.

They are on Facebook. One is ten and one is sixteen. I think I need to hook the two of them up to be friends with eachother so they will stop sending me messages about how their hair is crunchy and their farm is cool.
I mopped all the floors in my house today. It was an attempt to wash the puppy pee smell away. I clean up the spots as they happen but I seem to have a "weird smell" in the house lately. I'm pretty sure it's from the puppy pooping and peeing on the floor. Eventually he'll get potty trained.

I went to Orchard Supply and Home Depot today to look at flowers for the yard. Still no petunias and of course I didn't buy the alyssum at Orchard thinking that Home Depot would have it in a flat. They didn't. They did however have the ground cover I've been looking for. I hope it's nice tomorrow morning so I can get that planted.

And the gladiola bulbs I bought.
And the margarite daisies I bought.
And the cosmos I bought.
Have you seen magnolia trees in bloom lately? They are SO pretty. I think I need one. I don't know where I'd put it though.
I've been thinking of making my backyard a vegetable garden. I'm wondering if my husband would go for it. Not that I really care since ALL the neighbor's yards are mowed and ours?

Is not.
I would have mowed it if we had gas for the mower, but we don't and I asked him to get some today.

He finished his book he's been reading.
Is it wrong that I went and bought t bone steaks for dinner and on a whim I bought a yam and cooked it for myself and actually enjoyed that better than the steak?

Yummy goodness!
Is my man the only one that has to crap everytime we need to be in the bathroom for an extended period of time? We only have one bathroom and lately he's been leaving for work later. I get up a little before six and then wake up all the kids when I get out of the shower. It never fails that he goes in there right at six to make his smelly contribution to the morning.

Timing is everything.
Speaking of the man, he's been wearing the same pants since Thursday. It's Saturday night.

Same pants. Day. Night. No shower?

I'm excited that tomorrow I'm going to meet up with my elementry/middle school/and early high school years best friend. We found eachother on facebook. I hope we get a long good! She lives about two hours away so we are going to meet in the middle for lunch.Pin It


Chris H said...

TMI about ya hubby's habits! Ewwww. lol
I hope your meeting with old school friend went well.

Retro Girl said...

My husband races for the can to beat me in there...Thank god we have more than 1...but he always uses the one I want to be in!

White Vinegar/water gets rid of puppy pee smell...been there/done that!

Ahh I'd give anything to see/smell a magnolia blossom about now! If I were back in the south, where I belong--I'd probably be seeing one in a couple weeks!! (if my husband weren't so hot, and had such a good job here in snow hell....Grr! LOL)

Jennifer Owens said...

The bathroom comment made me laugh out loud. (o: Hilarious.

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