Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My exciting life

I'm going to attempt to post from my phone tonight. I no longer have a desk at work (had to give it to someone of higher standing that transfered into our office) so now I'm a floater looking for an empty desk to use. Which of course makes it rather difficult to sneak in a blog post. Work has been pretty sucky lately. We have been working on cleaning out these huge filing cabinets for about two weeks. Pulling files off the shelf, opening eah one and discarding old papers, which we have to shred, then boxing up what is left. It's really boring and today 2 of the gals I was working in were all in to telling all these ghost stories that supposively happened to them. They were getting more and more elaborate and Im pretty sure if pinocchio had been there he would have had a bird perched in a nest on the end of his nose. I guess I should be glad that someone at least has an imagination!

After work we took Trevor to football practice, where once again he struggled so much with all the running and drills. There is one thing they do where they put their hands on the groundnand kind of crawl only without touching their knees on the ground. My son can so not do that drill. Half way down the field he will put his head on the ground and everytime he does it I just want to run out on the field and scoop up my little boy. It's so painful to watch him out there with the team all waiting for him and the coach standing over him telling him to hurry up. Why must our boys be tough?

After we got home I decided to take Rusty for a walk since I basically just sat on my ass all day. Trevor said he didn't want to go with me (no surprise there) and I told Scott that he could come with me. I whispered to him that we could go make out down by the playground (popular teen make out spot). He said "can I eat my dinner first?" and "go ahead and go". So I went by myself and now he's fast asleep on the couch. Another day in lover's paradise :/Pin It


jb said...

"...Im pretty sure if pinocchio had been there he would have had a bird perched in a nest on the end of his nose."

Hahahaha!! I got some young guys and gals working with me that like to elaborate too. :) One of the guys is like a character out of that ridiculous Jersey Shore show. He's about 20 years old, and has slept (supossedly) with more girls than he can possibly count. Uh, right, dude. lol I'll have to blog about him sometime soon.

- JB

Sarah said...

It could be worse. You could be at my work..rotting at my desk!

Mary~Momathon said...

that poor kid! wouldn't he rather have piano lessons?

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