Friday, July 2, 2010


Did anyone else spend their morning tossing and turning trying to decide if they were getting up today?

Oh that was just me?

I finally got up and made it into work. Only an hour later than usual. Guess what? I still beat everyone in. I can't believe how late people come into work.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend, although Jessica is trying to get her boyfriend to come over to the house tomorrow AND to go to my brother's for the 4th of July. That should be fun. For her. Not me.

Scott and I were talking about having a date night Saturday. We'll see if it happens or not. I told him last night that he talks to the computer and the tv more than me and he agreed then went "wait, what?" lol. Obviously he wasn't quite listening to me.

I've felt like a slacker mom this week because I am so drained by the time I get home. The kids are always wanting to go do something but I'm always telling them no because everytime we walk out the door I end up spending $100.

I do need to go take Trevor to get some new shoes though. He had got a new pair of flip flops but Rusty ate one. No idea where his other ones are and his tennis shoes are all too small now. I'm always in awe of people who's kids have like 10 pairs of shoes.

Well nothing too exciting going on here I guess!Pin It

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Stacy said...

LOL...I am always telling the Builderman that if I hung on the wall and came with a remote he'd pay a lot more attention to me. And the typical response....."Huh?"

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