Friday, March 16, 2012

Found my picture on the Vintage Sheet Blog

They posted my vintage sheet rag wreath over on the Vintage Sheet Blog! If you've never been over there, go check out all the awesome vintage sheet projects.

If you are visiting from the Vintage Sheet Blog, here is a link to my rag wreath post and the baby shower I hosted. I used a lot of vintage sheets for the shower. 

I made the rag wreath

and table cloths from vintage sheets.

It was a lot of fun and using vintage sheets in my decor made it very affordable!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Well, now! Aren't you the clever one!

Congratulations for being featured at the Vintage Sheet blog!

I think I need a wreath for my front door. =)

Chris H said...

"Vintage sheets"? Are they actually old sheets chopped up?
Or what?
Confused ... much.

Oh and congrats for being featured on another blog.

Melissa G. said...

I just went to our local thrift store today to buy vintage sheets. I'm always looking for fabric that looks vintage to sew into dresses for my daughter. One day, I got to thinking about how vintage fabric is pretty much vintage sheet fabric and buying vintage sheets at a thrift store gets you quite a bit of fabric for quite a small amount of moola! How's that for a round-about thought out loud! Haha! So, I went there and they had vintage sheets AND vintage patterns for .10 to .20 cents a piece! It was a very fun start to my new sheet venture!

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