Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Getting Moving!

I did the strangest thing today. I got up EARLY! I know, crazy right? I usually go walking on my lunch but it's getting almost to the 100's lately in the afternoon so it's tad bit hot.  There has still been some good breezes which make the walking part bearable but when I come in the building it's all stuffy. The other day I came in and ended up in the bathroom giving myself a cool down with some paper towels. That's attractive.

So I was thinking. If I get up early I can go do my walk then! Before it gets hot. And I can take the dog, he needs exercise too. My alarm went off at five and I was so proud of myself for only hitting the snooze button once. Then I rolled out of bed and put my tennies on. I spent a little bit of time looking around for the dog's harness and finally gave up and just used his collar. Then we were off!

We did a walk &jog around one lake. I actually had to talk the dog into stepping it up a bit, which was pretty amazing. I thought for sure he'd be pulling me along, all happy to run. Guess all those hours of him being lazy laying on my bed are catching up to him. Is there a couch to 5K for dogs?

I also discovered that when wearing a sports bra I do not have enough cleavage to hold my iPhone in there. Slips right through. Had to move it over to the "cup" section. Pathetic.

I got back in half an hour so it didn't take too long and then jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I was actually about fifteen minutes early for work. Nice!

Here is my "diet food" for lunch today.

Not too shabby eh? I'm liking the La Tortilla Factory Corn & Flax Seed Tortillas (don't worry they don't taste weird I promise!) I made tacos with the lean ground beef for everyone else and then for myself I warmed up a can of black beans. I figured out that the black beans in the Hispanic section of the grocery store are WAY less calories. Weirdest thing ever! I'm thinking they must just add less crap to them or something. They were lower or close to the low sodium "American" beans too.

After lunch I ended up going on a walk anyways. A co-worker got a nifty new pedometer and wanted to get more steps in. Works for me.

Now we'll see if I can actually get myself up again TOMORROW.

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Anonymous said...

excellent job! I don't know if you have OLE tortillas near you. That's what I buy all the time. Love them! I buy these ones and find them at Kroger

Laurie. BTW, you are very inspiring!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yum that looks SO good.

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