Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Another Exciting Day

So yesterdays exercise has killed today's ass. My legs are SORE! and my ass a little too.

Guess that means I got a good work out? I didn't get up early, didn't go for a walk/run in the morning, and I ended up going out to lunch so I didn't get in my after lunch walk either. I WILL be going for a bike ride as soon as it cools off a bit so I'm not a total slacker!

So we like to go to this little farmer's hang out restaurant for lunch sometimes. I know I've probably talked about it before (hmm kind find anything anywhere so I can carry one!).

Someone at some point  nick-named this restaurant "silicon valley".

Not THIS Silicon Valley

All the waitresses are cute and perky with BIG BOOBS

When I first started going there they would actually wear body glitter on their chest. I'm thinking it must be for bigger tips? But those boobs, they are expensive. I wonder if they work more than one job to be able to afford them?

Always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where all the waitresses have big boobs and they accuse them of only hiring girls that fit that category and then they find out they are all the owner's daughters. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Don't worry I ate healthy at the restaurant. I got a chicken fajita salad, which comes with avocado, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, chicken breast and salsa on lettuce. Nothing bad about that! I also got a cup of chili but only ate a little bit because I was too full.

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Sarah said...

LOL. I saw your post and thought immediately of our lunches there. OH those were so good. I have all my dates I will be out in Cali...we must meet up some time!!

Chris H said...

OMG! How the hell does she even move with boobs that size??
It's so stupid to do that to yourself.
NO WAY are they real.

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