Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day!

Today is so weird and it's not even nine. It's Labor Day! We have no BBQ plans (my siblings must be tired of all of us?) and Scott went to work today.

His boss has been playing this little game of "I don't want to pay you for holidays". It started after Memorial Day when he got his paycheck and noticed it was quite a bit less. His boss told him he didn't want to pay for holidays anymore. Hey nice of you to give us the heads up, we don't like to eat very much anyways.

The Fourth of July I was worried the same was going to happen, but HEY he got paid for it. With a vacation day. Nice.

So today, Labor Day, my husband went to work. Even though the shop is closed and his family is all home he went in to put in his eight hours so that we can have a full paycheck.

I'm waiting to see how the boss tries to play this one out.

But I have to say I love my man for "playing the game". Way to go babe!

My plans for the day include taking Jessica (who is home from college for the weekend) to get a new phone since hers took a swim in a water cup yesterday. Luckily her phone is ready for an upgrade and was almost dead anyways.

After that I plan to tackle the laundry monster. Sounds like a fantastic day! At least I got to sleep in until 6:45 before my body woke me up.

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