Thursday, September 12, 2013

Random Rest Day

Today I decided to take a rest day, even though Thursdays are usually gym days. I'm feeling exhausted like I could sleep for days right now. I figured that might be a sign I need to relax a bit.

If you can call running around picking up kids, running in the grocery store, cooking dinner helping with homework and doing the dishes (maybe) a rest day.

So I've got random crap floating in my head.

First off, I was going to have a glass of wine tonight, because I'm not going running or to the gym (don't run after wine, it's not a good idea!). I had this wine I bought at the corner store the other night for a recipe so I thought I'd just have a glass.

That's some nasttyyy shit. It's ok for cooking so I'm not going to toss it (other than my glass I poured) but no. It's a good thing I have some STRAW-BER-RITA's for back up. Even though they are calorie hogging little bastards. They are yummy and give mommy a nice little buzz.

Hey kid bring me another one.
Kidding kidding. I'll get it myself...

In happy news did you guys see that there is a new Susan Grafton book out?? She's on W now. W is for Wasted. :snicker: I'm so excited! I bought it yesterday (yes I bought a book for full price, you know i must want to read it to do that I NEVER buy books like that) and have it downloaded on my Kindle. I just need to sit down and read it when I have a moment where I'm not going to just nod off the moment I sit on the couch.
I think Melissa got tired of doing laundry. I'm down to my last pair of granny panties and I'm moving into the winter portion of the closet. Also, I ran out of wash cloths to dry off with when I get out of the shower. I guess I should probably wash some clothes soon.

Ok that's about all I have for you tonight. Peace out!

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Annsterw said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your well earned and deserved rest day!
Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Yucky wine is the worst! Angry Orchard's are my favorite yummy drink but they are wayyyy too many calories to consume on the regular. Happy washing day! :)

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