Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th Of July

Finally an update on the 4th! I swear Trevor's like an internet addict now. He's always hogging the computer. Now he's also into watching Dr. Who on Netflix though so he's giving You Tube a break for a few minutes.

We went over to my brother Louie's house for the 4th of July. We did some swimming, some snacking, and lots of baby holding. I only got puked on once.

Melissa & Vincent

Me & Vincent

Me & Emma

Scott & Emma

Feeding time (Scott's brother Howard, Michele, Ava & the twins)

The guys playing some kind of intense basketball game

Melissa and her fan club (Ava & Adrian)

Mom  & Tinkerbell who wants to love me but can't quite bring herself to (the dog not my mom)

We left around 8 and went to watch the fireworks show in Manteca. That is the first time I've EVER in my entire life paid to watch fireworks. Guess what? They weren't much better than the free ones. 

my best picture lol

Manteca has their show at Big League Dreams which is the baseball stadium where Scott and Jessica have both played at before. The parking lot was full so we ended up parking across the street in the shopping center. WHICH only took us about an hour to get out of post fireworks show. 

Right before the fireworks started Trevor went to get a churro and then missed like half the fireworks. He was more into the churro than the show I think. 

This is such a weird time in our lives when the kids are getting to big to enjoy things like this but then you think you should still do them for the tradition part of it.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Nice day. I didn't even see any fireworks. ...just heard 'em.

Chris H said...

Oh the twins are just gorgeous!
Fireworks, we have never paid to watch a fireworks show.

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