Thursday, March 19, 2015

All the random

All the random things from the last week.

I got our taxes done. Hit submit and then got this.

Found out someone used my oldest daughter's social on their taxes already, which basically is identity theft. AWESOME. So now I have to mail them in with a few other things and she had to call and report it a bunch of places. (just got them done and ready to mail in tomorrow)

I applied for a new job in our office, had an interview

and didn't get the job.

Which, I was actually ok with since it was for less money than I thought it was going to be. Like $4 less an hour than I make now and they'd still have to take out for insurance. I'm pretty sure that would make eating difficult.

I got a new insurance card in the mail but it was missing all my family members. I called and some how someone changed my plan and left off my family. Nice! That took over a week to get straightened out. Of course in that time Jessica who live across the whole US from me was super sick and had to go to the Dr and pay cash for a bunch of prescriptions. 

Edited to add: A week later we went to use the card for prescriptions and they said it was expired. It took a whole day of calling numerous places to finally get it straightened out. Also to find out that my coverage on prescriptions is HORRIBLE now.

Sometimes I wonder if someone just has a little button that says "mess with Julie".

My mother in law went into the ER last Tuesday (the 10th) for stomach pains and ended up having to have surgery to repair a hernia and blockage in her intestines. They sent her home Friday and Saturday my sister in law had to take her back to the ER (I'll have to update on this later since I'm scheduling this post for later and I don't know the outcome yet). 

Update: They left the ER after waiting forever and not being seen. The hospital sent a nurse to the house to check on her (is what I heard but that sounds weird). Scott went over there the other day to mow the lawn and she was nice and feisty so she's still kicking. 

So not much going on around here haha. I've gotten a lot of games of Candy Crush played because sometimes that's just easier than dealing with things ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think you dodged a bullet with not getting that job.
But that sucks about your daughters identity theft. Boy she is going to have to do a lot of calling to be sure this is taken care of!they could take loans out in her name. Beware!

Chris H said...

Frig thank goodness you didn't get the job... can't have you NOT eating!
Bugger about the insurance card stuff up. And it's good to know your MIL is OK.

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