Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Road Trip Day 3

Sunday we got up and cleaned up our stuff, loaded it in the car, checked out and then went out and checked out the beach. We were all wishing we had at least one more day there to hang out.

The back of the hotel, we were on the first row of windows on the left about 3 in.

We had so much fun on the beach. Definitely need to take my Mom to the tide pools in Monterey some time. Eventually we had to pull ourselves away to meet up with Stephanie since she made us a quiche for lunch.

After lunch we went for a ride to get the lounge chair (which I never took a picture of!) and to do some sightseeing. 

We went to Fogarty State Beach, which was pretty cool. There's a creek that feeds into the ocean. We had fun just looking at all the stuff that gets washed up. Lots of smooth little drift wood pieces and little shells.

Then we drove down the coast a bit to Devil's Punchbowl to look for whales. We didn't see any though.

We did meet a weird guy and saw a bunch of surfers though

Then we picked up the lounge chair and went back to Stephanie's. She made us BBQ Salmon & steak for dinner. We ended the night by playing a game of Scrabble (which I smoked everyone on, thank you Words with Friends) and then hit the sack. Melissa and I slept in the guest room on a futon. I had to take a picture of all her shoes!

The next morning we got up and packed up, had some bagels and then hit the road. We had a 10 hour trip ahead of us.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

gorgeous! Is this far from seaside oregon?
Either way - it's so pretty. :-)

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