Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Knock knock knocking on deattthhssss doorrr

Oh wait that's not how that song goes, is it?

Well if you'd like to get sick, come over to my house. After spending a week with strep throat I was FINALLY starting to feel better. Only a slight tinge in the back of my throat and then BAM the night of the Redneck Party (yes you read that right, more on that later) I started having this stupid little cough.

And then that night I was like awww shit I've got Trevor's cold. Then Sunday I died all day and watched a lot of episodes of Flip or Flop. And Monday I watched the rest of ALL the episodes of Flip or Flop via You Tube because, well why not. Scott was sick on Monday too. he went to work and when I woke up he was there again, sent home for the day. Trevor made it like 2 hours at school on Monday. Scott and Trevor stayed home again Tuesday. I went to work to spread my germs since I was feeling a bit better and have a deadline coming up.

Today Trevor made it until lunch time at school and now Melissa just dosed herself up with Nyquil before it's even dinner time, and went back to her cave.

It's so lovely how your immunity can get down and then BAM BAM BAM one thing after another. Sucks for sure.

Hopefully I'm on the mend. Just have a little congestion and a little cough left. Trevor has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to be on the safe side since he's missed so much school. I don't want to get thrown in jail for him being sick or anything.Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Wow - I will not visit right now Julie.
I hope you are all feeling better very soon.

And a marathon of flip or flop is always fun. Have you seen the ones that they visit after someone moves in? I find it refreshing when they show the ones where they lost money. I saw that a week or so ago on one of those revisited episodes. Because that is the real truth about flipping (I used to flip and it came close but I never actually lost money, but I can see how easily it can happen) I read online where everyone hates Tarek's wife. I don't mind her. Okay the fake lashes and such are a bit much but she's a bit of a stereotype Californian. She has that look. I like them both as well as their show!

Chris H said...

Ya poor buggers! We all got sick a while ago too... except Brylee.
I hope you are all better soon.
Parents get fined here if they keep their kids away from school without a darn good excuse.

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