Monday, October 12, 2015


So guess what!?! I got the job!!

Way back in August I applied for the "real" position for where I am a contract employee. Last Monday I had a phone interview where I just felt like a blubbering idiot. It's probably a good thing that my current boss was one of the interviewers, and I think had a say into who they wanted to hire. I probably wasn't really all that bad.  I know for the next time, if I ever have to do that again, to write down the questions so I can make sure and answer it all. It's hard to remember a long multi-part question and come up with an answer all in your head.

Friday Scott and I had the day off work so we could go to the Yosemite Half Marathon. We didn't have to be there super early so we went to town to get a hair cut, lunch, car wash, etc and when we were driving home I got a call from Hawaii. I was like I don't know anyone in Hawaii so I declined the call. Then I got a voice mail from the HR lady. I was like OMG it's for the JOB and I declined the call! I called back and it went to voice mail and then after calling back a couple more times the gal finally answered and told me I got the position. Now I'm just waiting for the other HR person to call me back with the next step.

So I will be doing pretty much the same job but now I'll be a federal employee and get all the good benefits. One bad thing is that I will be working full time instead of part time (I did 6.5 hours a day) so I won't be able to pick the kids up from the bus unless I go into work earlier (which MIGHT be a good option).

Anyhow, that's my super excitement going on right now. That was a great way to start our little mini race vacation weekend!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Congratulations on the new job Julie!!!
So happy for you.
I'm self employed and work longer than 8 hrs a day.
What is wrong with that picture?

Chris H said...

I am SO SO HAPPY for you Chick. Congrats on getting your job with benefits.

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