Sunday, January 17, 2016


I'm a total Pinterest Recipes junkie. I make my menu for each week with recipes from Pinterest. Then I make a shopping list and go buy everything I need. It works out great for me because that way I don't eat out and I don't really have an excuse not to cook dinner (other than being tired!). I usually do a breakfast recipe that I can take to work for the week and I try to do a soup that can be a filler for lunches or snacks. I'm going to do a few posts to catch up what I've done so far this month and then I'll try to actually do a "weekly" one with my shopping list and all. I do spend quite a bit at the grocery store each week but by not eating out like we used to it actually saves a lot of money. I also try not to buy very much "packaged" food so that makes our grocery bill a bit higher. You know, since real food isn't cheap.

Here we have "Bacon and Egg Cups". Every one in my house actually likes these and I made them for a weekend breakfast. They are really good warmed up too. I think next time I make them I am going to put the bacon in the oven for a bit and then add the egg mixture to make the bacon just a bit crisper. Mine come out to 105 Calories each. I also used pepper jack cheese in mine, which gives it a nice kick.

Buttery Garlic Parmesan Chicken. This recipe has a lot of garlic in it! I picked up my mom after I made it and she got in the car and said "whew garlic!". Apparently I was smelly lol. I think I made this before I got back to calorie counting so it's not in my log of how many calories it came out to be. 

Caramelized Baked Chicken Legs. So this chicken didn't turn out like it was "supposed to" and that's entirely my fault because when I was figuring out how many calories it was going to be I was like OMG that's like all of my dinner calories for one piece of chicken! So I started cutting down how much I was using of the higher calorie ingredients. Which ended up with nice tasting chicken but it wasn't caramelized. Maybe some day I'll make this again when I'm not worried about how many calories I"m eating. 274 calories for that one piece of chicken.

The salad, Best Ever Broccoli Salad, I also cut some of the ingredients back but it turned out fantastic. I'll definitely be making that again. My store was actually out of grapes when I went shopping so those were missing but it was fine without them. 188 calories for a cup

I was totally starving all week and came up with this celery and Laughing Cow Cheese snack. Pretty good and those light Swiss ones are only 35 calories each and celery is almost no calories.

Chicken & Cheese Lasagna Roll Ups  I love all these lasagna roll up recipes. They let you have lasagna but it's portion controlled so you don't have to figure out how big the serving is. These are 248 calories each.

Oh and the muffin tin meals are great too. This one is Chicken Parmesan Wonton Cupcakes These are 105 calories each. I always use some whole grain bread crumbs instead of croutons for the topping. Works out just fine!

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