Monday, January 11, 2016

New Years Eve

I'm sure everyone is so sad I haven't talked about my New Year's Eve yet!

I spent several days working on the photo boards for the hall. I got them in a black trash bag and changed them into these. Any of the collage ones were already done by someone else at one point,  I just remounted them.

I worked for 1/2 a day on NYE and got asked to see if I could find some balloons to add to the hall decoration on my way home. I got lucky at the first dollar store I went to and found these silver, white and black stars. I got FORTY balloons and then put them in my car and drove home lol.

and then into the hall, so fun!

The hall looked really pretty

One of my photo boards are on the left there

Love the tables. I didn't help with any of the table set up, since they did it while I was working.

We had a silent auction, Ginny put the things to be auctioned together and a lot of them had her artwork in them. (She's the gal in my book club that has the awesome house that is all painted)

I would have loved to have this one but they were too expensive for me lol

Between taking the balloons and the photo boards down and the actual party I came home for a bit and hung out and also made the kids a pizza ring for their dinner. The recipe is HERE. I didn't eat any but it came out nice!

Then it was get dressed and down to the club! Here's my friend Traci and I in the awesome glasses I got at the dollar store when I picked up the balloons!

and one where you can see our faces

Scott got voluntold to help cut the meat for the dinner. That is the last time that is going to happen I think. He was a nervous wreck haha. Bev, the one who did the cooking is a bit of a terror when it comes down to crunch time (and I'm saying that knowing she'd agree if she read this lol) and had Scott totally stressed out. The knife he had to cut the prime rib with was totally dull so he had a hard time of it too!

This is my friend Phyllis waiting for her meat while Scott saws off a piece. I made sure to get him a shot and a beer for when he got done. Also half my meat and removed his brussels sprouts from his plate I got for him so he wouldn't want to kill haha

Our friends Craig and Rick


Joanie (book club friend) and Bob

Friend Sheryl and Trish

These two were cute dancing

Band "Still Breathing" made up of people who live here

Craig getting a bit of butter


Us again

Carol K, my buddy from book club and life. She is currently doing chemo treatments for lung cancer

They brought out these hand painted glasses for champagne

Kind of during dinner between the band and people dancing they did a skit. That's my friends Craig and Tom and their arms are Heidi and Traci. Not sure if it will load or not since it's kind of long and I don't know how to edit things like that.

After the "New York" midnight we moved over to the kitchen & bar area and danced and hung out in there for awhile. About ten minutes before midnight I felt like utter shit and declared it was time to go home lol. Scott and Trevor counted down and I went to bed!
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Annsterw said...

That is an amazing party!!! You are awesome! There is no way you won't have an amazing 2016 with a start like that!!! I have to post about mine also still...maybe's coming! Wait till you see..spent New Years with my fav Kidrock!!

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