Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Field Trips!

Wednesday, Day 3 was another half day in the office (we had Wing Stop for lunch, no picture!) and then went out in the field again.

This time we went out to this place called the Center for Land Based Learning which is a really cool place. They have tons of things going on here.

A really big long hedgerow (tell me something new..)

Funny thing when we were walking a long one of the trainers asked me if I was learning anything new. I was like well not really. Too bad he didn't ask me that at the end of the day.

This is a "cover crop" which I learned a bit about. They plant this mixture of things, I think this was Fava beans and some other stuff and then they just disc it under when they are ready to use the land for a crop again. It keeps the dust down and adds nutrient to the soil. These were also on small plots of land where they let new farmers lease for a short time to find out if farming is for them or not. That is with some other programs too so it's a bit complicated but interesting.

These were blackberries that they grow on a trellis and then tilt it to the side. Apparently the fruit will all grow on the one side so it makes it easier to harvest. 

A native bee box

Next up we went to this walnut grower's place. You can tell he's just a mad scientist disguised as a walnut farmer lol. He had a lot of ideas about cover crops and had his irrigation lines hanging from the trees.

We illegally rode on this (I'm sure totally against policy)

Over to the other side of his place to see this big monster. This thing uses walnut shells to make energy. He had to get a LAW CHANGED to get it up and running. He also uses pistachio shells. I had put sunscreen on when I got up in the morning but at this point I had my sweatshirt on my head trying to shade my face. My forehead was so burnt and I could just feel the sun beating down on it.

I was happy to leave and the trainer slowed down for me to get a picture of the "office" which I thought was super cute.

Next up, my favorite place of the day. A sheep farm! I've never been to a sheep farm before and they had just hatched lambs! I really liked these people, they were like hanging out with your favorite down to earth Aunt and Uncle.

They had a set of twins and triplets in the "nursery"

and a flock out in the pasture

and a lot of cool rocks

After that we went back to the hotel where I tapped out for a nap instead of dinner. A couple hours later I got a "did you eat" text from Justin and I went out with him and Harold to this little Salsa Tacos dive looking place that was delicious!

After dinner we made a run to the store for "refills" and then sat out by the pool with a big group of people. Well, until we got told we needed to come inside because people were complaining we were too loud. Then we went back to our lobby hang out.

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Annsterw said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome trip! I love those sheep-Sooo cute!!! Only you would be told to come in and quiet down-lol!!! Happy Mondsy!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I want a field trip for work! (whine whine)
What exactly is it that you do Julie? This was so interesting.
And those baby lambs...oh come on, how cute?

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