Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quick Post

Oh man I have so much to post and I just never seem to have time to sit down and write anything. I still haven't even finished posting what I started almost a month ago!

In that time my computer crashed when it loaded Window's 10 (even though I told it to cancel it) and I lost all my pictures on my computer. Thank God I have so many here and on Facebook. I was able to do a reset and get it to work again but now it's all empty  (which isn't so bad).

Melissa turned 17 and we went to Santa Cruz for the day with my mom.

Jessica is coming to visit Thursday night until Monday afternoon. I have been working on the yard and got one side looking nice but the other side still looks like a jungle. I'm trying not to panic that all these people are coming over to my house on Friday and I have 15 loads of laundry to put away.

So eventually I'll get back here to post more of my pictures and what I've been up to! Pin It

1 comment:

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I hear you about being busy!! Which is better than having a boring life, don't you think!? Have a great week!

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