Saturday, June 8, 2019

Easter Part 2

Easter! Amazingly it didn't rain but it was a bit windy of course

My friend Cassi with Buster the Company Cat.

Jess with Baby Joey (we're probably going to call him that when he's 30), Adrian and a kitten of course

Scott's mom

Melissa and Eric

The kids after hunting for eggs. We should have made a different picture spot, the sun messed up a lot of pictures.

Mom and Joey

Mom and Dad with all the grandkids

and the bonus kids

Scott's mom, sister, my kids and Michele


The sun was so bad on this one, looks better black and white. Brother Louie and his family

My brother Joe had to work but here's his family and Maegen's dad Charly

Cake to celebrate the girls birthdays (how did I get these made? Did I make these? I don't even remember lol)

 Me and the baby :)

The next day I got up and went to work and then drove to Salinas for my work training for 3 days.  I came home on Wednesday and Thursday Scott came home sick. Friday we started off going to my dad's birthday but then I took Scott to the ER. Saturday I had my booth at the car show (didn't post that one yet lol), Sunday we had book club at my mom's house, and Monday after that was Jessica's birthday. I'm tired just thinking about that month haha.

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