Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Another sick day

Well I have a doctor appointment for later today. I was going to go to work in the morning but I'm just so exhausted. I think I'm out of sick time after today (until next pay period then I will get 3 more hours.) It's super fun when you're at work and everyone is telling you how horrible you sound. I KNOW.

I didn't do anything exciting yesterday other than cook dinner and list a few things on Etsy. I sold these 2 items yesterday. I just listed the little book over the weekend so that was nice it sold. There was some that went for more on the Ebay solds but mine had a little bit of damage to it. Totally happy for $20 for a little board book! I picked that up at the flea market awhile back.

For dinner last night we had beef enchiladas. I just used some canned enchilada sauce but they turned out ok. I'm liking the I make a list and Scott does the shopping for the last two weeks but I already know I need to be really specific and you know, add extras I'd just grab like bread to the list. He's so funny he will buy exactly what's on the list and nothing extra. 

Finally made a salad. Yeah! Green stuff. 

Oh and today is my mom's real birthday. She has now the oldest of the last 3 generations before me. My Grandma died when she was 67 and her mom was only in her early 40's. There's hope!

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I am sorry you are still sick. Not fun!! I had that book when I was a little girl! It was a favorite of mine. 😊

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are feeling this bad. My cough has slowed down thank God with this cracked rib. But my throat is so sore and I feel like crap. Rick is far worse and even went to the doctor - you know it's bad then.
They told him it was just a bad cold and to wait it out. He said nope - last time I coughed so hard I went into A-Fib. He was scared this would happen again so they gave him a strong cough suppressant which so far has been helpful. I hope the doc gives you something to help you!!
And how damn funny he only buys what is on the list. I'll trade you Scott for Rick. Rick buys everything on the list and everything he thinks looks good. He went to Costco once to buy me these pens I could only find there. He spent over $400 and forgot my pens. He came home with all this meat and kept saying, look at these steaks, look at this fish? Honestly I can't let that man shop!

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