Thursday, April 15, 2021

More Sewing Room Reorganizing

Good morning! You know what is sad? I thought yesterday was Thursday for about 1/2 a day. Well here we are, Thursday again haha. 

I finished up the last of the mug rugs I was working on yesterday. I have a nice little stack of them for my craft shows now.

After I got done with that I started shifting stuff around so I can get the new to me cabinet in the room. I took down the folding table I've been using for a work desk for almost a year. I wanted to have that for my show anyways so that is good timing for that. Then I shifted everything around until I could get my sewing desk onto the other wall. This included having to take out all the fabric from my 2 bookcases. What a mess! I may have knocked over my button tin and had to pick up like 500 buttons in the middle of that. I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard my reaction when that happened.

Here is where we are this morning. It was like 9:30pm when I got done playing with stuff last night and too late to bring the cabinet in. Scott thinks the best way to get it in is through the window. aye yi yi I hope that works. It is long so he thinks it will be difficult to get it in through the front door/hallway/sewing room door.  So I will have to take everything along the wall out of the room before that happens. I plan on having it ready so he can do it after work. 

Yes there is two holes in the wall. No it wasn't me that put it there. Those will have to be repaired before I can paint. I was just going to use the leftover paint from the living room and then color will come from my stuff haha.

If we ever go back to work again I'll be taking all these monitors back to work. It feels like it might be coming soon but they still keep talking about people teleworking.

This bookshelf needs to be reinforced before I put anything in it again. if you touch it it will do a long lean lol.

Not sure how I will have everything organized once I get the cabinet in. While I was moving stuff around I found all my boxes with misc paper stuff I had bought for etsy/crafting. I have quite a bit that needs to be organized. I had a few totes under the folding table so those are out in the open now. I'm hoping with the cabinet I can get rid of some more totes! 

After I get caught up on work today I'm going to work on redoing some of the fabric I have on boards. Originally I was trying to put everything on the full size boards but lately I have cut them down to smaller sizes. It is easier to see what is on there when it is on the shelf for the smaller pieces.

Ok off to do some work! Hope you all have a great day!

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