Friday, April 23, 2021


Good morning, Happy Friday! I guess it isn't so bad coming back to work on a Friday. Catch up on 70 emails and then get 2 days off haha.

Reno was fun! I ended up driving. We took the long way to get there so more of the old highways than the big interstate. Honestly I would have liked to go home one of those ways too, the freeway is so stressful.

Do you like this enormous chair? It was in the area by the elevators and our room. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort. I stayed there once before with my Mom & Melissa when we did a road trip but I only remember sleeping there. 

This is the view from our 22n'd floor room. 

The machines there were TIGHT. I don't think I won a dollar for more than 5 minutes lol. We played there a little Tuesday night then had dinner in our room.

Wednesday we went to Mill End fabric store. Check out these aisles!
When you walk in this is to the left. Mostly upholstery and specialty fabrics.

On the right is notions and other fabrics, only a couple rows of cottons. I still need to bring in what I bought from the car. Not a lot surprisingly. If I had been by myself I would have looked up thrift stores and more fabric stores but the trip wasn't just about me haha.

I didn't take whole lot of pictures. After the fabric place we went to "The Row". My friend wanted to get players cards at all the casinos we went to so now I have a collection. She had never been to the strip so we went through there and then walked a bit. Here is a whale sculpture (should have cropped it sorry) that was kind of neat next to the river but it was surrounded by homeless people.

When we got back to the room we hung out for a bit then I was like I so want that little cheesecake I saw in the morning.  It was yummy. 

Later we went back out and went to Atlantis where the machines also didn't want to play. This was the only place we went that actually checked temperatures. They had this fancy machine that you faced and it would some how take your temperature. Things have come a long way since the rectal thermometer haha.

After we left our deposit there we went over to the Peppermill where we FINALLY found 2 machines that would play that were also close together. My friend won $120 and I won enough that it covered everything I had spent that evening haha.

Thursday we got up, checked out and then went to the big antique store I like. Then we went to Boomtown. We had lunch at Mel's there and then my friend wanted to play a bit. They had a play $25 get $25 promotion which I had to ask the old grouchy lady if it was just a scam when it still wasn't working after I had spent $30. Amazingly she "got it to work" onto my player card. I then went back and won $50 off their $25 (would collect every time I had a good win). Then it was the ride home. Whew! Overall I had a fun. I like a little gambling a little looking around at shop (but not like the Reno on a mug shops). I probably would have went out to eat a little more, my friend just started a diet and I think one day she ate like 3 chips. I was like OMG I have to eat lol. 

Ok off to finish up my emails. I sold a bunch of stuff on FB before I left and have to ship the stuff that some people took forever to pay for too. Hope you all have a good weekend!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sounds like you had a great mini vacation. Yeah!
That little cheesecake looks awesome!

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